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David "Raven" Stowell


Organ, Synthesizers

Toyboat's keyboardist has been involved with music since high school, where he had access to an ARP 2600 synthesizer and modest tape equipment. At the same time, he played in several local bands, eventually joining a pop music ensemble at his college as bassist/keyboardist. With this group, he recorded several projects at a local studio, including a 45. After college, he continued playing in Chicago area bands, but also took up an interest in production and engineering. Eventually, he was able to build a computer-based recording system, in which he produced several CDs.

In 2009, he produced Toyboat's debut CD, which was released at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival that year. In addition to producing the CD, he also played organ on two tracks, "Sunset Boulevard" and "Uplift", and Mellotron on "Roman Wall Blues". In 2010, he was invited to participate in the band's "Tomboat" show at Windycon, which led to him being asked to join the band on a full time basis.

His musical influences over the years have been eclectic, including Keith Emerson, Eddie Jobson, Geddy Lee, FM, and other acts. He also has a background in classical music and electronic music (yes, including Wendy Carlos). Lately, he has been listening to Spock's Beard, and was recently introduced by gundo and Jason to Nightwish (question of the day - Tarja or Anette?).