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filk gone horribly right...

What can you say about a group that takes "Banned From Argo" and turns it into a greasy roadhouse rock and roll song? That writes a love song for a Zombie? That writes a love song for a video game emulator? You say they’re Toyboat.

Take classic rock, hard edged 70's British-style blues rock and 80's hard rock, add filk and you have Toyboat. They play a combination of classic filk songs in a style you have never heard them done on before as well as their own SF-F songs. They mash-up filk lyrics with songs you know. Some of their songs are serious, some are funny, some are just odd. They have brought their show to conventions all over the Midwest. They have made ears ring on stages, in meetings rooms, and at room parties. Individually, the members of the band have played at conventions, filk circles, coffee houses, clubs and basements all over the US. There is no safe minimum distance. Do not panic, do not try to run. Just repeat after me... Toyboat... Toyboat... Toyboat...

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Recent News

September 12, 2016

Again?!??!? But that trick never works!

We will be performing at Archon in Collinsville, Illinois on Saturday, October 1st.

July 23, 2016

We'd like to announce that we will be appearing at MidAmericon II in Kansas City, on August 20th at 4pm. We will be performing with special guest Tom Smith as TOMBOAT!!!